Edible Delights of the Exotic East


The countless varieties and decorated wraps of sushi have led this food-making process into its own art-form. Any sushi or food connoisseur will delight at the level of authenticity in Japanese food which has developed into the finest family recipes through generations of cooking practice.

Japanese Food

Sushi, Sashimi and Maki

Journey to Japan, and enter a world of delicate edible delights.

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It becomes apparent from the first time you set foot inside a restaurant in Japan that the cooking style and ingredients have been developed into a different world of cuisine unrecognizable to people from the West. Things are so different within the restaurant, that it is important that you get crash course, 101 Eating In Japan. Japanese restaurant etiquette is quite different than anywhere else, so be sure to take note: It is rude to tip after a meal! It is also common for your server to disappear until you call them back to the table. Don’t worry, they aren’t avoiding you! This is just how service is done in Japan. There are also many new food ingredients and it is important to take note of these differences before selecting a dish or else you could end up with something loaded with wasabi and overflowing with squid tentacles! And if you have never tried it, things could get ugly. Luckily, there are some dishes for the less adventurous. To refuse your meal would be impolite, so listen to these guidelines and you will surely be graceful while eating in Japan.

Traditional Japanese vegetable

Japanese Vegetables

Most Japanese cooking is an exotic new look into the world of food for those who aren’t accustom to dishes made with raw fish, seaweed and soy flavors. Luckily though, Japan offers a wide range of food options for those of you who aren’t daring enough to try something so bold. When dining out in Japan, it is common for entrees to be served with miso soup and steamed white rice. For those of you feeling less adventurous in the realm of eating, I recommend playing it safe with some easy favorites like yakisoba, tonkatsu, and tempura. Yakisoba is a mix of fried noodles with a meat of choice from beef to chicken and is first on the list of items that do not contain any unusual new ingredients. Tonkatsu is a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet served with cabbage. One of my most frequent favorites, Tempura is battered and deep friend meat or veggies from shrimp and chicken to carrot and sweet potato.



Authentic ramen is another one of my favorites that makes traveling to Japan all worthwhile. Traditional ramen has been perfected through the generations by the constant revision of old family recipes. Because of this, the broth and noodles vary throughout the different regions in Japan. To taste the many types of ramen from the various regions in Japan, stop by the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum. Noodles are a frequent meal for Japanese. Here you will find an explanation for the variance between ramen and learn about where each type originates. Ramen and udon are commonly served warm in the winter and soba or buckwheat noodles are eaten cold in the summer. For those food lovers feeling adventurous, definitely try the sushi and sashimi. Although most are made with raw fish, the decorative display and countless varieties of sushi have become a delicate art-form and tasty local favorite of the Japanese population. Be sure to sit back and enjoy eye-catching sushi rolls float by on a conveyer belt at the local Sushi-go-round. When your mouth has tasted all the new-found flavors Japan has to offer, the remainder of you will be happy you booked Heathrow Car Parking in advance to enjoy a relaxing journey home.

Let your appetite guide you through generations of perfected cooking when you visit Japan.



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