Malacca – The Charming City of History

Malacca is one of the smallest states in Malaysia, however, it is the home of Malacca City, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 because of its significance to history. The state is located on the west of the coasts of Malaysia and is known for being such a charming place filled […]

Singapore – Megalopolis in Southeast Asia

Singapore as a nation in Southeast Asia consists of the main island of Singapore and around sixty smaller islands of which just over twenty are inhabited. The name Singapore is derived from the Malay words singa meaning ‘lion’ and pura meaning ‘city’ which gave it the title ‘the Lion City’. This half-lion, half-fish statue can […]

Sentosa – A Playground for Adventure

Sentosa, an island located on the south coast of Singapore, may have been formerly known as Palau Belakang Mati – a rather unattractive name especially if you match it to the beauty and diversity of the island which is now known as Southeast Asia’s Playground. Branded as an island getaway by many Singaporeans and a […]

Singapore Shopping Malls – The Ultimate Shopping Experience

One of the must-do activities while in Singapore is definitely shopping. This island country may be small, but it has a lot of interesting, curious and wonderful places that make it a haven for all kinds of shoppers. Some tourists come to Singapore just for the shopping experience. There are approximately 250 malls to choose […]

Koh Phangan – Party Central of Thailand

Koh Phangan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand in South East Thailand. Koh Phangan is located in Jangwat (province) Suratthani in the Southern Gulf of Thailand and is part of the group of islands that make up the Samui Archipelago; a group of over 40 islands fashioned in granite from age old igneous […]

Langkawi – Islands of Adventures and Scenic Sites

The Jewel of Kedah, also known as Langkawi consists of 99 islands with an additional 5 that appears during low tide. The archipelago is located in the Andaman Sea, just off the mainland of Malaysia and was declared to be a UNESCO site in 2007. The island has no other means of transportation aside from […]

Great Singapore Sale

The Singapore Tourism Board and various business retail establishments organize major shopping festivals each year. The first event took place two years ago, lasting for eight weeks from 29 May to 26 July, 2009. After the success of the first event, the Great Singapore Sale or the GSS has become a yearly shopping festival. This […]