Ten Must Have Travel Items That You Should Bring

Are you currently planning your next holiday? Where do you intend to go? Are you thinking of going to the beach, mountains or perhaps to a foreign city? After you finish taking care of the basics such as your destination, flights, hotels and your itineraries, make sure to check your closet or cabinet if you […]

What to Pack on a Rainy Season Holiday

A lot of people likes to travel during the rainy season because most of the times it’s also the low season in some destinations. And when it’s low season, it also means that most prices are discounted such as hotels, airfare among others. Some destinations are perfect during the rainy season as the rain gives […]

Seven Water Resistant and Waterproof Android Phones Below $500

Gone are the days when phones are very susceptible to water damage. It’s quite common to hear about our friends spilling water or dropping their phones on their bath tub or toilet bowls thus destryoing the phones in the process. There are many phones nowadays that are made to be water resistant and waterproof. Some […]

Red Smartphones for the Stylish Travelers

Are you tired of the usual black or white or grey smartphones. Then this list is for you. We have listed the current available red smartphones for the stylish travelers. Red is a very emotional and intense color and often associated with fire and blood. It is also often associated with energy, war, danger, strength, […]

Tips on Packing – Ten Products That Can Help You Travel Light

There so many reasons why one shoudl travel as light as possible. And on our last article, we listed five advantages of traveling light that might help encourage you pack less stuff for your next trip. If you’re getting more serious in being travelling lighter in all your future travels, check out our list of […]

Gold Smartphones for the Fashionable Travellers

Gold has been always the symbol of wealth, and lately, this color has also been added to the usual grey, black and white choices that we have for our smartphones. If you’re looking for a gold colored smartphone then you’re in luck as we have here listed some of the most functional and beautifully crafted […]

How to Protect Your Laptop When You Travel

A lot of us who travel for work bring our laptop when we travel. This is to ensure that we could stay productive while on the road and that we could meet our deadlines and deliverable even while we are travelling. Even if you own a small business, carrying your laptop when you travel will […]